We Live in a Business World of Transparency and Real-time Results: Here’s What I Mean. - Verdict Marketing
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We Live in a Business World of Transparency and Real-time Results: Here’s What I Mean.


06 Feb We Live in a Business World of Transparency and Real-time Results: Here’s What I Mean.

This article originally appeared on Huffington Post.

This is a post that my partner and the creative SEO genius behind Verdict Marketing put together, Jeremiah Mitchell. I’m sharing it to show the transparency behind our company.

I’ll keep this post, quick and conceptual. It’s almost 2017, the year that Data & Results will be demanded by clients more than ever. With Verdict Marketing, like always, we’re taking this process a step futher. We’ve said goodbye to reports and we’ve integrated real time reporting & results for our clients. The days of weekly reports are long gone. And your business should expect the same innovative results from your marketing company. If they aren’t providing them, feel free to reach out to us.

Below is just one of the innovative ways, that we show real time transparent reporting for our clients. We’ve provided a recording of our reporting tool, that records every move that a prospective client makes on a client’s website. This transparency allows for Bizaboost to track the online behaviors of a prospective client and see why they purchase a product or why they leave the website without converting into a client.

This real time transparency, allows us to make accurate decisions, such as where the website design needs to be modified, whether content needs to be changed, images added or removed etc. Gone are the stagnant days of stale reports.

Our 2nd favorite innovative tool that we provide, for real time data reporting, is our KRT Tool. The Keyword Ranking Tool provides daily reporting of your keyword rankings on the 2 major search engines Google & Bing. Sorry Yahoo! The KRT tool allows you to hold us accountable, if there is ever a dip in your keyword rankings.

The tool also allows you to review your keyword rankings, call Bizaboost and heap piles of praise on us when you notice 20+ frontpage Google rankings within 120 days. We’ve provided another innovative screenshot below, showing the largest Personal Injury Law Firm in Los Angeles, KRT Tool Rankings. We want to warn you, that your mind might be blown, when you see 80+ highly competitive keywords front page Google, throughout the Los Angeles regional area.

At this point of the article, you should be on the phone with your marketing company, demanding real time data and results. This transparent data allows you to maximize your opportunities to generate results and at the same time, hold the marketing company accountable for their work.

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