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Cohen and Marzban Law Corporation - Los Angeles

We currently work with Cohen & Marzban Law Corporation, a billion dollar personal injury law firm located in Los Angeles.  

Bob, the owner of Cohen & Marzban, gave us permission to share his number so that you can verify our results for yourself. 

Go ahead, call the #1 Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles.

We've done such a great job for Bob, he's given us permission to allow prospective clients to call.

His personal office number: (310) 859-7111

Real Time Results - Cohen and Marzban

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Real time SEO results and metrics for Cohen & Marzban.

Over 120 keywords on the front page of Google, generating new leads on a constant basis. A game changer for their firm! Between 60-70% of online leads come from our front page Google Maps and Organic SEO.

We Use 3 Tools So You Can Track Progress In Real Time

1) Keyword Rankings

The 1st tool shows where your competitive keywords rank on Google. You log in daily to review the growth! If you’re keywords aren’t evolving in an upwards trajectory, then we will be held accountable. Believe us, your keywords will show major growth! Results tell our story...

2) User Recordings  

Our 2nd tool will show you recordings of what prospective clients did, while engaging with your website. Did they go from the home page, to the attorneys page and leave the site. Did they not see your office in their city or location. Did they fill out the new case form or call? This tool is so innovative and effective to target prospective leads behavior and modify your website, content etc to maximize your conversions.

3) Heat Maps

3rd, we direct you to exactly how they landed on the website, their up flow and down flow. We provide daily heat maps, clicks and web movements of each prospective client. This is how you succeed with your lawyer marketing campaign. Transparency and results. Your phone ringing and new case leads coming in…Not another spread sheet.  

If you are outside of Los Angeles and tired of the same old marketing concept, the one where you spend thousands of dollars a month on PPC, for little to no qualified leads, then it's time for a change. 

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