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not know why this is so. When he was sounded Pu Zhao, but Zhao Pu said no, today he is going to this anyway to be sure to get rid of him. Did not expect this time, he actually agreed, and this is what made, he saw the hopeless situation may be looking for a backer bar Zhao Pu said that there are few people agree to follow, and this time only a few people still Magento insist Magento Certification that these people are loyal to Kuangyin, but are some of the generals and the like, but those who are faithful. Chapter 541 oriole in the post on Zhaopu when the prime minister has for some time, he is a person of very high handed, all things are basically own decision. Other people are also afraid to say anything, so that he is also a large number of supporters at his side, he followed him. He now directly supported Zhao Guangyi, he followed one Magento it exam of those is firmly on his side. Of course, some people also jumped on the bandwagon, for an emperor, and we are founding hero, to time his official position, but will be greatly improved. So the king is thinking seek towards the throne Yeah, this is the Luanchenzeizi, for you are His Majesty s brother, Prince pro seal, you do not meet it Dou instrument has always been known to the upright, and not because of how high your position and you have scruples. Kuangyin year has not yet become empe.

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