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emperor now ASQ Certification if we could send someone to bring back the body ASQ Certification of the dragon overlord, then Jinling tombs so overlord heaven. Lee Feng Yansi start toward Kerry asked, because in just Lee Ka has been temporarily ascended the throne as emperor, so we are beginning to change the title. Feng said of adults are now sent to greet the return of the late emperor of dragons, and then announced the news of the late emperor died, for now must be ordered around the garrison not frivolous, I now want to be responsible for the capital summoned all comfort General Jinling at this time must not be anything about the situation. Lee ASQ Certification it exam Ka, then do not fall, and here someone hastily ran over, because there is a major event, that is, Gyeonggi twelve battalions surrounded the palace to. This Gyeonggi twelve legions garrison city of Nanking are wrong, how will this time it was surrounded by the city of Nanking, this is not nonsense it Besides this right Gyeonggi twelve legions of troop movements not his tetra king Li Jing of it, how it will be now surrounded the palace to it The emperor This is true, but it is standing in front of the king, and that is to meet the emperor, there are things to ask. Lee Ka which suddenly dumbfounded, it is not up to Li Jing emperor to abdicate it, he had just let him ascend the throne Gyeon.

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