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7 Signs You’re Lagging Behind In Your Marketing Strategy

07 Feb 7 Signs You’re Lagging Behind In Your Marketing Strategy

Recognizing that your marketing efforts are falling short isn’t easy. Still, if you’re able to admit to yourself that you have a marketing tactic that isn’t working, then you’re already halfway through turning your ship around.

If you have an inkling that your marketing efforts just aren’t working, consider these seven most common signs.

You Can’t Remember When You Last Checked Analytics

If checking your analytics isn’t an addiction of yours by now, you have a problem. Nearly every aspect of your marketing strategy should be driven by data. You should always be in the loop on what is working for your site and what isn’t. If you have knowledge about factors that have succeeded and failed, you’ll be less likely to make the same mistakes in the future. Your first step in succeeding at marketing is making website, email and social media analytics check-ins habitual. Make sure that your social media channels and web page are attached to analytics sites like Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics, and Adobe Analytics.

You’re Not Ranking At The Top of SERP

When customers and shoppers Google your brand they should find at the top spots of Google’s results, period. If this isn’t the case, it’s a big problem and it should be corrected. Start by implementing an SEO strategy that accounts for keywords and rankable content. Ranking for your own branded terms is crucial.

You’re Only Using Social To Promote Your Blog Links

You should absolutely be pushing links to your blog on social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great places to divert user attention back to your site. Still, this shouldn’t be the only activity you’re conducting on these channels. Remember, today’s consumers are looking to build relationships with brands and find a brand that they can count on. Make sure that you’re counted in their group of reliable brands by including yourself in their conversations on social. Engage and interact with your target audience on social by posting about current topics, and providing insight into relevant events as well.

You’re Using Social Media For Dog Pics and Selfies

Yes, social media should be the strategy you rely on the most when it comes to engaging with your consumers and building relationships. It’s also true that brands should use social media to humanize themselves and become more relatable to shoppers. However, that doesn’t mean you should be sharing every aspect of your personal life either. Unless your brand is actually about your cat, your family or the meals you make at home, keep private life content to a bare minimum. Sure, sometimes photos of family, dogs and other aspects of private life can work as a strategy. But, you should always remember that your real goal with social media is to promote your brand.

You’re Getting Outranked On Google

Just like mom said, there’s always someone out there that is going to better at something than you are. The same goes for Google ranking. The thing is, you should always be trying to beat the best. This is especially true considering the muscle of your site’s traffic will come from search engine results. If you’re finding that most of your competitors outrank you when it comes to the most popular and profitable keywords, it’s time to ramp up your efforts. Remember, once you’ve achieved a high rank on Google, you have to work hard to achieve it. Just as you have to maintain a regular workout to prevent yourself from losing muscle or taking a hit to your physical results, you have to maintain your keyword and SEO efforts.

You’re Getting Traffic, But You’re Not Getting Sales

A high traffic site can only be read as a success if it delivers on your goal. If all you want is a lot of traffic to your site then congratulations, you’re winning. But if you’re looking to capitalize on that traffic you’re likely trying to sell a product or service. If you’re finding that your site is receiving a lot of traffic but little attention when it comes to sales, it’s time to look at your strategy. Evaluate your rank for keywords, where your traffic is coming from and how to better optimize your site to produce conversions.

You Do It When You Have Time

You might be doing your best to make it a priority when you can, but more often than not, you find that you’re putting your marketing efforts on the back burner. It’s possible that this has worked out relatively well for you thus far and that you’re getting some results. But, the truth is if you’re not giving your marketing strategy the full attention it deserves it won’t give you the optimum results. At the very least you should have a strategy in place that regulates how you create brand content. Consider creating a schedule that maps out how often you post to a blog and promote it on social media.

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